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9/11 - WTC Bldg 7
December 07, 2011 03:23 PM PST
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How does a 47 story building free fall with no resistance, due only to partial damage/fires in part of the building? How does a 47 story building fall straight down, within it's on footprint as a result of partial damage/fires in part of the building? How can you watch the owner of the building admit that they were going to purposely bring down the building to prevent further loss of life and then to not question the official government report which says the building fell because of structural damage and fires, both caused by falling debris from WTC 1&2? Common sense will tell you that, at a minimum, something seems suspicious.

The Federal Reserve
December 07, 2011 02:47 PM PST
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1. The Federal Reserve is NOT a part of the US Federal Government.

2. The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE bank.

3. The Federal Reserve creates and controls the US money supply.

4. The Federal Reserve will not allow Congress to conduct a complete audit if it's books.

5. The Federal Reserve will NOT divulge the names of its owners to Congress.

6. When The Federal Reserve creates money for the US, the debt associated with that money is greater than the money.

Now which one of those doesn't piss you off?